How to Tie a Blanket Scarf


Step 1. Fold the scarf diagonally, making a triangle.
Step 2. Grab closer to the middle, pull the scarf toward your neck making sure the point is in the center of your body.
Step 3. Cross the ends of the scarf behind your neck.
Step 4. Pull the crossed ends in front of your body.
Step 5. Smile because your scarf now looks fabulous!

 Scarves are basically the essential piece for every season. So whether you are bundling up for the cold or wearing a bright colored scarf in the spring, you still need to know just how to do it. I have received several questions on blanket scarves, so I hope my pictures and captions above really helped you guys out!

I am still blogging about gifts I received from Christmas; The boots, scarf, and the elephant clutch are to die for!


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