Making Workouts Fun with Ellie Activewear

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Hello my beauties!

It is finally Spring and I truly could not be more excited! With good weather, we have no excuse to not get out doors and work out. Because working out can seem like one of the hardest things to get out of bed for, I have teamed up with Ellie Activewear and it has made all the difference. Ellie Activewear is great for keeping people motivated and dedicated to working out. Let’s be real, when we look good, it makes it that much easier to continue working out. This activewear company works by putting together a box of exercise goodies, typically a top, sports bra, pant, and two other items, each month. Better yet, it is only $49.95 for all five of the items! It is super simple to order and will give you that extra push each month to stay motivated. Ellie Activewear will always put out a preview video of the items in their next month’s box so you know what is coming. If for some reason you don’t like what is in the box (I can almost promise this won’t be the issue) you can always skip the next month or cancel at any point with no extra fees!

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This is for all of my gluten free friends! I am starting to blog about my favorite brands, because we are all in this together. I am always on the go from class to shoots to practice and whatever else I throw into my busy days. I am always looking for bars to toss into my bag and these have been one of the best so far. They are full of protein and taste delicious too!

I’d love to hear feedback on blogging gluten free brands. Let me know what you like, dislike, or would like to know more about!

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