Messy Bun and Getting Stuff Done


Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post is inspired by the campaign I recently did with Intel, featuring girl bosses #SHEOWNSIT. Several women shared their wonderful stories on how they got started with their businesses.

My story is not super elaborate like some, but it can make a difference in those who are looking to start something up themselves. I have always loved fashion (duh, I worked at a  clothing boutique as my first job) and following the new trends. Even way before that, at the age of three or four, I would lay out outfits in my room to choose from each day. To this day, my family still brings it up saying they knew that was only the start. Today, I do the same thing, trying on seven outfits before I find the perfect one.

It’s always enjoyable to share details about my own outfit or help others put something together; however, I only dreamt about actually having my own fashion blog. My sister, Gabrielle, started shooting for bloggers in Chicago and I was so in love with everything they were doing. I looked up to them so much because they always looked so happy with what they were doing. Gabbie would constantly tell me to begin my blog, but I feared that people would think it was dumb or I’d have to end up shutting it down because no-one cared to look at it.

My boss Jessica, owner of YM Boutique, kept telling me it would be a good way to continue with the fashion stuff while I was off at college. After my first semester at school, I realized just how much I missed the fashion aspect that I had been getting by working for the boutique.

Christmas time came around (for holidays we always dress up and take pictures) and something just clicked. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, but I was set on starting my very own fashion blog. Big thanks to Gabs, because I did not even know how to set my website up or anything! She truly helped me so much with taking beautiful pictures to make my blog look professional. Right around New Years I published my first blog post and I felt so accomplished. I was pleased with the outcome and the support I had from everyone.

For anyone thinking about starting their own business, go for it. Put your heart into it and give it what you’ve got. Too many people fear the outcome, but at worst you are just back to where you started but with more knowledge. Start off with something little and you never know how it might grow.

Okay, now time for the outfit deets!

Lips dress

H&M always has super great deals in store! I got this adorable T-shirt dress for only $7!

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