Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

Home Teeth Whitening
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Are you a coffee lover like me or perhaps tea is more your style? Do struggle finding a teeth whitening that really works for a low cost?

Ever since I was young, I was always super self conscious about the color of my teeth. Some discoloring came from antibiotics I took while my teeth were still deveolping. I felt like my teeth were the only thing people were looking at. I found myself refusing to smile for pictures in hopes people wouldn’t notice.

As I grew a little older and all of my “big teeth” had come in, things seemed to be better until I found my love for coffee! My step mom worked at Starbucks which probably fueled my desires for coffee. I loved being able to make my own drinks and would even ask for a cup of coffee in the morning as if I was a middle-aged woman heading to work. As many of you probably know, coffee can be really hard on your teeth causing them to stain or become discolored.

I do not know many people who would say they would not whiten their teeth if they were given the chance. So like many people, I started to look for home remedies to whiten my teeth (because we all know whitening is not cheap) and only drink coffee from a straw. I found few that seemed to make a difference at all and constantly would just give up on it completely.

I came across Smile Brilliant and wow, I was impressed. It did the job of high quality whitening treatments but was made for people on a budget, like this girl right here! It takes weeks of treatment to complete; however, this product will make you want to stick with it. I was happy with the results I was getting even in the beginning weeks. My mom noticed when I came home from college and asked what I had been doing differently. The next thing I knew, I was promoting Smile Brilliant to everyone, which leads me into why I am telling all of you about this.

Whether you are a coffee drinker, smoker, hoping to whiten your teeth for a special occasion, or simply just sick of your teeth not being your desired color, Smile Brilliant is right for you.

Why are whitening trays the best method?

Trays keep you from having to deal with the mess and prevent you from tasting the whitening gel. Most of the gel is able to stay within the tray until rinsed out and excess spit is easier to manage than strips or just gel. Better yet though, trays allow you to multitask. You can read, watch TV, take the dog for a walk and still whiten your teeth at the same time!

When receiving your box, there will be instructions on how to make the molds so they fit exactly for your mouth. Once the molds are made, you will follow the given steps (in the order of the pictures above) to start the whitening process!

Whitening steps:

  1. Floss and brush teeth with water (no toothpaste because it will slow the process)
  2. Whiten for 1-3 hours. Start with less time until you are more comfortable.
  3. Brush with toothpaste and rinse the trays.
  4. Apply desensitizing gel to trays.
  5. Remove trays and do not rinse, eat, or drink for a minimum of 30 minutes!
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Below are my before and after my 6 week process pictures! I am happy to answer any questions you might have! Feel free to leave a comment or message me directly!




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